Workplace Seated Massage

What is your main reason for choosing to exhibit at the DL Expo?

I take part because the event is friendly, relaxed and enjoyable and I get to network with a wide range of people.

I met one of my first clients at DL Expo 2015. Ben Quaintrell owner of My Property Box. As a result of that meeting, once a month I take Workplace Seated Massage to the lovely people at My Property Box. Result! But just as important, Ben has become a friend.

Who are you hoping to meet during the event and why?

It’s also great to meet other businesses in the region and find out what’s out there. I’m always amazed by the wide range of businesses and organisations on offer and how innovative the North East business community are.

What can people expect to see on your stand?

My approach to the day at the DL Business Expo is maybe a little different to other attending businesses. Workplace Seated Massage is a niche business and not everyone’s cup of tea. So I tend to remain opened minded and allow the day to unfold naturally.

I offer 10-15 minute Acupressure massage to those visitors and stand holders wishing to experience chair massage. This has proved popular!  However, I would like to meet any business or organisation (large or small) that is looking to invest and promote wellbeing in the workplace.

As well as offering free massage, I will also have a prize draw. So pop your business cards into the draw and whoever wins gets a free three-hour Workplace Seated Massage visit from me!

My stand is rather colourful. Orange, turquoise and white with a sari thrown in for good measure! Workplace Seated Massage business cards and information will be available for your perusal. However, most importantly, my posh new massage chair will be eagerly awaiting to take the weight off your weary feet, while I massage your back, neck and shoulders.

What is your top tip for making the most of exhibitions like this?

When taking part in exhibitions like the DL Business Expo, my advice to making it work is to let potential clients/customers get to know you as well as your business. Don’t be so keen to rush in with your business speak but be willing to listen, be attentive and chat.