Skybur Testing

My main reason for choosing to exhibit

I’ve attended DLExpo for the last two years as a visitor and been impressed by how friendly the exhibitors are. This year I decided to join them for two reasons – to meet more local businesses, and to help educate local businesses to keep them running safely. You see, I’m a female PAT tester – there aren’t many of us about – and in the last twelve months, I’ve noticed a slide in safe business practices regarding electricity. I want to make sure businesses in the area are as safe as possible.

Who do I hope to meet and why?

I’d like to meet other business owners from County Durham and North Yorkshire, as well as from further afield because local businesses are the closest to my heart. I want to help them keep trading and operating safely – did you know:

  • In 2015, North Yorkshire Fire Brigade stopped responding to automatic fire alarms on non-residential premises outside of normal working hours?
  • 1000 electricity-related workforce accidents and 30 fatalities reported to HSE annually
  • Faulty appliances and leads are the most common cause of accidental fires in non-residential properties, with an average loss per incident of over £51,000?

What can people expect on my stand?

A hands-on experience! I’ll be encouraging people to handle some of the items we’ve found on site or purchased on the high street, and discussing some of the dangers associated with seemingly innocuous electrical items. There’ll also be a prize draw – just look at five items and tell me which are safe, and attach your business card. If you get every single one wrong you’ll still be entered, it just means I need to work harder to get the message out!

I know a lot of people think PAT testing is boring and nit-picky, but that attention to detail can help keep your business running smoothly – and ultimately, save lives.